Fletchers Foundation to launch in January 2023

By Reece Hobson-Adams, Director of the Foundation.

I’m really excited to announce that Fletchers Foundation and its grant programme will launch in January 2023, with a launch event (more information to come on this, closer to the time). 

The Foundation will enable those without a valid legal claim, to move forward in the best way possible by applying for a grant to support them after life changing injuries 

Financial grants will cover both physical and mental wellbeing support such as medical equipment, home adaptations, and counselling, amongst other things to help people thrive in their new life circumstances. 

The idea for the Foundation came from the responsibility to support as many people as possible, that the executive leadership team (ELT) at Fletchers Group and I felt we had. This led to us having conversations about setting one up and I’m grateful to say that the ELT actively encouraged it and asked me to lead to the Foundation. 

I’m looking forward to the grant programme launching, as I know its going to make a big difference to people’s lives as they adapt to their new lives.  

But even more so, I’m looking forward to mid-2023, as we will have provided several grants by this point, and we will be able to see how life changing they have been. 

Please note – if you’re interested in having a chat about the Foundation’s aims or would like more information about the launch event, please email foundation-info@fs.co.uk  

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